Cumin Chicken

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Cumin is the dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum. Cumin seed (jeera) is used as a spice for its distinctive flavour and aroma; and also for its medicinal properties. It is globally popular and an essential flavouring in many cuisines.

In this recipe, I have blended chicken pieces with the flavour and benefits of cumin seeds.

The Recipe:

  • In adequate quantity of warm sunflower oil, add:
  1. A tsp. full of cumin seeds
  2. Pieces of (4) guntur chillies – these are small, sundried chillies and are plum red in colour; and  have a likable flavour along with high level of spiciness
  3. Finely sliced pieces of (3 medium) tomatoes
  4. Finely sliced pieces of a handful of spring onion greens
  5. Salt – according to preference of taste
  6. A pinch of turmeric powder
  7. A tsp. of garam masala
  • Add the chicken pieces (about half a kg) and finely sliced pieces of baby potatoes (about 250gm) to the melted blend.

Once the meat pieces turn tender, enjoy the warm mixture.

Happy Eating 

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