RUStic Chicken Curry



The zesty and aromatic flavour of rustic Indian food mainly essences from the generous sprinkle of coriander leaves (moreover, these leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K).

The recipe of rustic chicken curry: 

  • Fry onion slices in vegetable oil (– I had reused the oil used to fry chicken pieces, it flavours the curry).
  • Combine tomato slices with the tender slices of onion.
  • Smidgen the mixture with salt.
  • Pepper the mixture with chopped pieces of Hyderabadi green chilli (or thick, green chilli pepper) & spice the mixture with turmeric powder and garam masala.
  • Meld the chicken pieces with the condiments. .
  • Generously mix the blend with finely chopped pieces of coriander leaves.
  • Pour adequate quantity of whisked curd and water over the blend.

And as soon as the chicken pieces turn tender, flavour the rustic curry.



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13 Responses to RUStic Chicken Curry

  1. Any dish with turmeric is a favourite with us. Fresh turmeric is now much easier to buy too. Long live the Indians, and their cuisine.

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  2. Sonali@foodtravelandmakeup says:

    Looks yum

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  3. Thank you for your like of the comment made in Francis and Anna’s blog. I like Indian food, but I order mild curry because I have some stomach problem. I cook chicken with curry at home, sometimes I just cook mashed potatoes with curry. Will come back too see more.

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  4. Beautiful blog, and exquisite recipe.
    Thank you for your like and follow my blog.

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  5. Kiki says:

    Looks like a lovely curry. You might also enjoy my Hyderabadi recipe here:

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  6. Mouth watering to say the least.

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  8. shreyovi says:

    It is looking so yummy. Spicy chicken curry is all time favourite. Easy and heart filling.

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