The Yummy Creamy Pulao

IMG_0536 - Copy (2)
Pulao Recipe of the Yummy Creamy Pulao in

The blend of curry leaves, green chillies, and prawns with cheese makes for the yummiest of pulao

The secret:

  • Fry sliced pieces of onions in a blend of vegetable oil & ghee (clarified butter).
  • Add curry leaves, sliced pieces of green chillies; add salt and sprinkle turmeric powder to merge with the mixture.
  • Add sliced pieces of tomatoes to the mixture.
  • Enrich the melted blend with prawns.
  • Meld rice to the amalgam.
  • Merge the combination with cheese slices.  
  • Pour water into the mixture (1 bowl of rice = 1 and ½ bowl of water) and cover the utensil; and let the water evaporate … to savour the succulent pulao.

Happy Eating 


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