The South Indian Fish Curry with Salmon

IMG_0303 - Copy

Salmon has remarkable omega-3 fatty acid content and intake of fish rich in omega-3 fat is linked with decreased risk of many cardiovascular problems moreover the authentic South Indian fish curry enriches  the fish  with a divine flavour.

The Authentic Recipe:

  • For the fish curry paste: pieces of onion, pieces of ginger & garlic, few fenugreek seeds, turmeric & chilli powder (or kashmiri chillies), coriander powder (or coriander seeds) – grind the assortment into a smooth paste by adding tamarind juice.
  • In a mix of vegetable oil and ghee (clarified butter) sauté finely sliced tomato pieces, pour in the curry paste and sauté the paste for few seconds, to   dilute  the curry you can opt to add tamarind juice or water, followed by coconut milk, add the fish (… it takes about 10 minutes for the fish to cook in low heat).

Happy Eating ♥

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