Bombay duck (Dry)


Despite its name it’s not a duck but a fish which is largely found in the seawater of Mumbai.

Dry Bombay duck is preserved using natural ingredients; ready to eat choice of this fish is easily available.

  • To oil add fenugreek seeds and crushed garlic with skin. Sauté it till the garlic skin becomes a tad brown.
  • Put in cumin seeds and give a little stir.
  • Add potato chunks to it, sauté it and leave it to cook.
  • To par cooked potatoes bestow in pieces of dry Bombay duck.
  • Sprinkle in freshly grated coconut, turmeric powder and salt.
  • Pour water just enough for the mixture to cook.

HAPPY EATING! (A piece of advice: Dry Bombay duck has a very distinctive and earthy taste which some may find irresistible while some may not.)

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